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-Jessica Scallions      February 1 2018      Times Used: 1      Kaleva, Michigan

This transaction was exceptional and i am very pleased to have worked with you!


-Kyrsten Dubuc      December 14 2017      Times Used: 1      Toledo, Ohio

Everything worked out smoothly. I thought the price was fair and I am very happy! The only suggestion I would give, would be that I would be notified of how much I am getting for the calculator before the check is sent. That way there is room for negotiation if need be. Thank you again!


-Paul D.      December 11 2017      Times Used: 10      Baltimore, Maryland

Easy to use. Fast service. Paid shipping. What's not to like? I've been selling here for four years. Never a problem.


-Gail marie Pike      November 8 2017      Times Used: 1      Bellingham washington, Washington

I think this is a great service. It did not work out for me this time but I hope to try again in the future.


-Carol Senf      November 5 2017      Times Used: 1      Union city, California

The process was very easy. Received a check in the mail promptly. Very happy customer.


-Angela Peters      October 24 2017      Times Used: 1      Wyncote, Pennsylvania

Fast service and great pricing! Would definitely use again!


-David      August 23 2017      Times Used: 3      Berwick, Pennsylvania

The process was quick and easy. I had payment within 48 hrs of calculators being received. This is by far the best place for selling your calculators with the highest prices.


-Masil M Masilamani      August 2 2017      Times Used: 1      Norman, Oklahoma

The process was easy. I think I got a good deal.


-Pam      July 11 2017      Times Used: 1      New york, New York

Couldn't have been easier! Site offered the highest price I saw, transaction efficient and check prompt. Highly recommend!


-Nicole K Allen      July 7 2017      Times Used: 1      Durham, North Carolina

This was really easy to use! I received more than I expected for my calculator. A seamless transaction!


-Whitney Cauley      July 4 2017      Times Used: 1      Austin, Texas

Honest, quick, responsive, & fair! Highly recommend.


-Wes      June 28 2017      Times Used: 2      Columbia, Missouri

I really appreciate the no-hassle approach and the simplicity of the transaction. Straightforward and awesome.


-Lydia M Meyer      June 17 2017      Times Used: 1      Bonne terre, Missouri

Great service fast and friendly when I called.


-Nelson      May 29 2017      Times Used: 1      Brooklyn, New York

Sellyourcalculators.com is both quick and reliable, they paid me in full with no problems!


-Angelique      May 18 2017      Times Used: 1      Raleigh, North Carolina

Excellent! Everything went as expected and I had absolutely no issues. I was very pleased and my check came quickly. I'm a very happy customer.


-Asif      May 12 2017      Times Used: 1      Fairfax, Virginia

I needed quick money and I saw that I had a few calculators lying around my house.i saw this website and I decided to try it out. I am very happy I found this website, I sent in my calculators on a Monday and received the full amlint they promised me by Thursday, I will definitely come back again sometime soon


-Ben F.      April 25 2017      Times Used: 1      San diego , California

Seamless process. Sent in the calculator with what I thought to be the correct condition and was spot on. Kept me in the loop and payment was sent fast. Thank you!


-Jerry Mulder      April 11 2017      Times Used: 25      Ripon, California

I love to go to garage sales and thrift stores. I see scientific calculators all the time. Now I have a way to make some extra money from my hobby. Free shipping and they send a check. Easy money


-Alexsis      April 10 2017      Times Used: 2      Houston, Texas

Very good job highly satisfied will be sending more calculators soon, thank you!


-Evelyn      March 7 2017      Times Used: 1      Phoenix, Arizona

Impressed! Mailed 6 TI-89's off on a Tuesday, received conformation on Thursday, and had the money (exactly what they quoted) on Tuesday of the following week.


-RON CROMER      August 9 2015      Times Used: 1      Anderson, South Carolina

Super easy to do. Everything went as expected. Fast service.


-Scott      June 23 2015      Times Used: 1      Willmar, Minnesota

Sell Your Calculators made a winning bid on some calculators our school was selling. We shipped them the calculators and they called us to say they wanted to give us MORE money than they promised because the calculators were in such nice shape. Not many companies will go out of their way to give you more money than they already agreed to give. This makes Sell Your Calculators a Triple A company in my mind. Keep up the good work (and good ethics) guys! Scott


-Tim      June 11 2015      Times Used: 1      Minot, Maine

Mailed my package on Monday, it got there on Wednesday (from Maine to Texas). Had my money in my paypal account on Thursday. Went way smoother than expected!


-Shaun      January 26 2015      Times Used: 1      Mountville, Pennsylvania

I was hesitant at first because it honestly seemed suspicious and you hear about scams like this all the time. But I hadn't used my calculators in years and thought, why not give it shot. So I did and the process was easy and the check came back in a week or two. Pretty simple - I was impressed!


-Susan      November 14 2014      Times Used: 1      Bridgeton, Missouri

The service was fast getting the product to the company but the amount I was suppose to receive was a little bit off. I thought I was going to get 40 dollars but instead I am going to get 32 but thats not too bad. If you need extra cash and your calculator is in good condition then I would recommend it. Have to received payment yet but is on the way.


-Caroynl MallerLovato      October 25 2014      Times Used: 1      Albuquerque, New Mexico

Excellent service - responding by phone or email. Timely & professional. Highly recommended for reselling calculators of children gone off to college when parents may not be familiar with technical graphing calculators.


-Christopher      April 17 2014      Times Used: 1      Waterbury, Connecticut

Amazing transaction! This may sound like spam, but this place is legit! Only supposed to get 118 according to the site and was paid 160$


-Nancy      March 19 2014      Times Used: 1      Hopkinton, Massachusetts

This business operates with simplicity, thoroughness and honesty. I am impressed.


-Claudia      February 25 2014      Times Used: 1      Port huron, Michigan

Extremely pleased! I was worried to send in my new in the box calculator and my used calculator that was in excellent condition because of the reviews I seen saying they didn't not give them the amount they said and others didn't hear from them in months. I mailed my calculators out on February 20th and got an email the 23rd that they received them. Two days later another email confirming the amount I would be given and that the check will get to me in 5-7 business days. I am glad I used this site and took a chance; I think some reviews are from ppl who thought their calculators where in better shape then they were or might have put in the wrong calculator type when getting a quote. I was giving the same amount as quoted and their response was faster then I thought. I will use this site again!


-Michael Pallotta      February 7 2014      Times Used: 7      Pikeville, Kentucky

I would like to congratulate Sellyourcalculators.com for being the absolute #1, Best source of service in your industry. No one else even comes close. Immediate responses. You know exactly what you are getting from the start. Great communication with their customers. No hidden surprises. The fastest turn around hands down. No long waiting for payment. Hassle Free from start to finish. I highly recommend using them for all of your resale / trading needs. First class all the way. I am a repeat customer and have never had any issues over the last 2 years. Don't waste your time with any other site. Sellyourcalculators.com cannot be beat. Thanks again for the fantastic service. It is greatly appreciated.


-Omar Marquez      January 28 2014      Times Used: 2      Bronx, New York

It was a pleasure selling my calculators with this website. Hopefully I can get the payment soon , thank you very much.


-Phil      December 7 2013      Times Used: 59      Brooklyn, New York

Been using this site for years its awazing


-Dwayne Culver      September 26 2013      Times Used: 22      Paris , Texas

Awesome website! Best offers and FAST payment! NO gimmicks! Thanks guys!


-Monica E.      September 19 2013      Times Used: 1      Avondale, Arizona

Such an easy and pleasant experience sending in my calculators. Shipping was fast easy & free. I received payment promptly. Will definitely do business with again. Thank you so much!


-nuria      May 23 2013      Times Used: 1      North hills, California

You guys are the best you guys are better than gozille


-Shelby      May 10 2013      Times Used: 1      Farmville, North Carolina

I sent in my calculator on a Monday, and received notice my check had been sent out that Friday. Great service!


-Don      February 5 2013      Times Used: 29      Carlsbad, California

Thank you for being HONEST. Sad to say, but it's a trait so often lacking in today's world.


-trey king      January 21 2013      Times Used: 1      Elkin, North Carolina

doing GREAT!


-Lee      January 21 2013      Times Used: 1      St francis, Wisconsin

Easy to use web site. Quick Payment !!


-Don      October 23 2012      Times Used: 29      Carlsbad, California

Glad to find an outfit that is honest. The competition are a bunch of lying thieves. I will ONLY use your site in the future.


-Alisha      June 15 2012      Times Used: 1      Athens, Texas

Great job& very quick response time.THANKS


-Taylor Adkins      May 16 2012      Times Used: 1      University place, Washington

I loved the service, and how fast the check got to me...also, the amount I was given, all in all the best website if you want to sell your old calculator:)


-DeBorah Jackson      February 1 2012      Times Used: 1      Chicago, Illinois

You are doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The BEST service ever


-Brad      January 8 2012      Times Used: 1      Round lake beach, Illinois

Best company like this that I have ever used. Best quote and fast service. Very pleased!!!!


-Amber      April 26 2011      Times Used: 1      Christmas, Florida

Excellent Service. Prompt and more than fair payment! I Would use this service again in a heartbeat!


-Michelle P      April 25 2011      Times Used: 1      Raleigh, North Carolina

Prompt payment! Very easy to work with. Would highly recommend this service to anyone!


-Roy Famuliner      April 22 2011      Times Used: 7      Puyallup, Washington

Thanks for the continued excellent service i enjoy and look forward to continuing our business in the future


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